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EST. 2021 | Carmel, CA

What is Currents?

Currents Physical Therapy + Wellness is dedicated to providing quality healthcare with a focus on patient service and satisfaction.

our philosophy

It may be best to just go with the flow.

The name Currents was derived from the thought that most events in life are analogous to the currents in the ocean. Life presents us with highs and lows; we as humans have the ability to choose how we approach these situations. As with the currents in the ocean, when life or an injury is pulling us in one direction, we can either resist or go with the flow. There is no “right” answer per se, as the directional flow is dependent upon situational factors and most importantly your mindset. Sometimes certain life events require resisting, whereas other times it may be best to just go with the flow.

The development of poor movement patterns due to injury is a situation where resisting may be the appropriate decision. However, once those movement patterns are corrected and functional improvements are progressing is a time when it may be appropriate to go with the flow. This concept may apply to all team sports, surfing, golfing, wealth management, family dynamics, and life in general. Life will continue throughout the highs and the lows, however it may be helpful to have the guidance necessary to navigate through the currents of life.

Our Mission

First and foremost, understand the patient as a whole entity.

At Currents Physical Therapy + Wellness, all components of health will be addressed – physical, mental, dietary factors, lifestyle.  With this information, the most appropriate plan of care will be determined and clearly communicated.  The plan of care shall serve as an ever-evolving blueprint that will ultimately depend upon the goals, mindset, and response of each patient. Facilitating these changes is what Currents Physical Therapy + Wellness aims to achieve. Beyond the Physical Therapy and Wellness components of healthcare, Currents Physical Therapy + Wellness will strive to integrate the healthcare communityCollaboration with all forms of healthcare – osteopathic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, dieticians, psychologists, and more – is a goal of the company. Rehabilitation and health maintenance are dependent upon all aspects of healthcare. Currents Physical Therapy + Wellness will bring the community together to provide exceptional patient care and create a sustainable system for healthy aging.

Our Facility

1000+sqft open layout, featuring a dedicated gym area, and private treatment room.

Blue Roof Offices – Suite is located in the Blue Roof Offices across the street from The Crossroads Carmel shopping center. We are in building 26607 in the corner suite 203 on the second floor. There is an elevator located in the buildiing.

There is an abundance of free unreserved parking provided for patients. Handicap parking is available on both sides of the building.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Reviews:

Kevin PhelanKevin Phelan
14:31 08 Jul 22
The approach at Currents is fantastic and really focused on individual needs.Working with Kelsey has made a huge difference, reducing pain significantly and providing a non surgical path forward.I would highly recommend
Dr. Kelsey Nakata is an outstanding physical therapist. He is one of those health professionals who is truly dedicated and faithful to the well-being of his patients. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, thorough and competent in the delivery of his care. I came to him after knee replacement surgery, and asked him to help me not just recover but to get back all the strength and fitness needed to continue being active in my life. The results he achieved were remarkable. I was able to achieve full motion in the top percentile of knee replacement patients thanks to his work, and am now able to be fully active in all the areas of life that are important to me as a fairly young patient. I highly recommend Dr. Nakata and will refer all friends to him for physical therapy.
Deanna ClearyDeanna Cleary
00:19 30 Apr 22
Dr. Nakata is a miracle worker! I came to him after I suffered an injury that resulted in a case of very painful sciatica. I had difficulty walking, sleeping, and functioning in my day-to-day life. His expert understanding of body dynamics, and the deep tissue massage he performed, gave me unbelievable relief. After several visits, and following his advice and exercise regime, I was able to walk without pain. I can't say enough about his professionalism, his grounded energy, and his expert care.
Jorie ClarkJorie Clark
15:21 26 Apr 22
Currents Physical Therapy was my choice for recovery from a total knee replacement. Kelsey offers private, one on one sessions in a spacious and well appointed studio. He guided me thru flexibility and strength training at a good pace and I am happy to report I am resuming my work and activities pain free. I would highly recommend Currentsas a great PT alternative.
Juliana DacuyanJuliana Dacuyan
19:57 31 Jan 22
Clean & well organized. Staff is friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. Kelsey not only listened to me carefully, but explained the details of my injury using 3D images on his tablet. He described the best treatment plan & answered all of my questions. His thoroughness and patience helped my healing process immensely. Would highly recommended Currents to any person with muscle strain, stiffness, weakness, misalignment or nerve pain. You'll get some great surfing tips thrown in for free too!