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What Our Clients Have to Say


Kelsey Nakata is responsible for my very successful recovery from total shoulder replacement surgery. The operation, a reverse replacement, was expertly performed by Dr. Samera Kasim. And thanks to Kelsey, my rehab has been an effective, efficient, and even pleasant process. I found myself looking forward to each session because I could readily see the progress we were making. Kelsey combines a deep knowledge of the involved physical structures and processes, with the diagnostic skills necessary to develop just the right progression of exercises needed. After a much shorter period than I expected, I was able to return to my regular routine of swimming and rowing. Kelsey is personable and easy to work with. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Bruce H. Robison – Monterey, CA
Senior Scientist / Midwater Ecologist | Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Kelsey following my three surgeries. I have had cancer nodes removed from my left arm pit with 6 weeks of radiation post-surgery. I have had two left knee surgeries within two weeks of each other. One for a knee replacement and the second for treatment of a blood infection. These have been difficult times for me physically and mentally.

When I started therapy with Kelsey first for the knee then for the shoulder area (both of which continues), he made a difficult situation into one of trust and hope. He has an incredible knowledge of the body and also an incredible bedside manner. He is encouraging, positive, and he is one who allowed me to challenge myself with his constant reminder “Be patient, work hard, give your body time to heal!”. Kelsey is most pleasant to work with as he puts me through my paces and I can see, even through his mask, his encouraging smile and support. I am still working with him and at home to exercise, to stretch, to hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is one person and a therapist I have learned to trust as he pushes me forward. I am a fortunate person to have Kelsey as my physical therapist.

Thanks, Kelsey.

John Angelo – Monterey, CA
Retired Teacher | Salinas High School

Kelsey Nakata is one of the best therapist I have met. His professional evaluation is thorough and attentive. I had a problem with my SI joint, which was getting worse and worse, compromising the quality of my life with a terrible pain. I couldn’t move certain ways, sit, and lay down, therefore I couldn’t sleep – very frustrating. Kelsey fit me right in and from the very first treatment I felt different. Two more appointments and I feel completely different. I am a gardener and can easily work and move now, sit, stand, reach up and down. Kelsey, I am so thankful for the treatment you performed in the office and exercises you gave me for my “homework”. So glad to have such a great specialist in our little community! Thank you again. 

Tania Drake – carmel valley, CA

I had 2 surgeries on my shoulder from complications from a rotator cuff tear when I lived in Northern Calif. I moved to Monterey and the pain was getting worse. I saw Dr. Gregg Satow and can never thank him enough for taking my case and doing surgery. I had a frayed bicep tendon and large labrum tear. He referred me for physical therapy and I was so fortunate to have Kelsey Nakata as my therapist. He listened to my story about my previous surgeries from another surgeon and the surgery that Dr. Satow performed. Kelsey is one of those people that really listen to what you say. He asked me before each session how I was feeling and where was the pain and was the pain different. He was patient with me and had a specific plan on how to deal with my involved history. It is the first time in 3 years that I can function day to day without having to stop what I am doing because of the pain. Kelsey is kind, patient, knowledgeable and I highly recommend him as a physical therapist.

Shirley Tuggle – Monterey, CA
Retired Nurse

“my whole person was considered throughout my recovery process, and I feel better than when I started.”

So, you need PT.  Your doctor prescribed you PT and gives you a list of healthcare providers to choose from.  Your choice is important because your recovery is important, potentially affecting your quality of life…for the rest of your life.  I chose a provider that matched me with Kelsey Nakata, and I recommend you do the same.  The healthcare industry seems to have a transactional nature, and that can easily make us feel like a merely number, soon to be forgotten once our insurance decides not to pay anymore.  That was not my experience with Kelsey.  I felt like my whole person was considered throughout my recovery process, and I feel better than when I started.  It was my rotator cuff which I nearly destroyed, and once the surgeon put it all back together, it was up to me and my physical therapist to complete the recovery process.  Kelsey was kind, patient, and competent at a time when I felt lost in the health care system.  It’s up to you to do the PT homework, consistently doing the exercises you are assigned, but your choice of a therapist can easily be as important as the surgeon you choose.  I recommend Kelsey Nakata as that choice.

Aaron Schwartz – Monterey
Financial Advisor / Former Flight Instructor | McFarland Associate

I have worked with Kelsey Nakata for several weeks now on my shoulder. I have had calcium deposits and it has really been aching during this Covid pandemic. I went to Dr. Dauphine and we had an X-ray and he suggested physical therapy. I started with Kelsey Nakata and I am so happy I did! My shoulder feels much better. We did ultrasound, some laser and Kelsey does this manipulation of your muscle that has really helped. My aching shoulder is so much better and now I can raise my arm without it pinching. He is very professional and really understands the body.  I highly recommend Kelsey Nakata

Kathy Denier – Carmel Highlands, CA
The Denier Group

Kelsey Nakata is a gifted physical therapist.  I was suffering from chronic back pain for a couple of years and I was fortunate to be treated by Kelsey Nakata recently.  He is skillful in asking insightful questions to diagnose the source of the problem. He worked patiently with me to learn about my unique issues and adjusted the treatment as he discovered more about my mobility issues and pain. He demonstrated empathy and perseverance while collaborating closely with me to adjust and modify the course of treatment.  His treatment included a combination of exercise, hands-on treatment, and life-style adjustments, which resulted in my pain level reducing and my mobility increasing.  My goals were to improve mobility, reduce pain, sleep better, and improve my quality of life.  As a result of Kelsey’s attentive care and treatment, I have achieved my goal! 

Kiran Kamath – Marina, CA
Vice President of Academic Affairs (Retired) | Monterey Peninsula College

“You will be in some of the best hands in this profession”

I’m in the seventh decade of my life and retired from a 40+ year nursing career. During this time, I have had a number of orthopedic issues and seen many Physical Therapists as a patient.  I’ve also collaborated with many Physical Therapists in the care of patients during my nursing career. I believe I have a unique perspective in the assessment of Physical Therapy professionals, and I would like to offer it in support of Kelsey Nakata.  Kelsey has a “whole body” perspective that is not common with many of the Physical Therapists who have provided care for me. He also is someone who has provided a different and more understanding philosophy than therapists whom I have collaborated with as a nurse. Most therapists focus on the issue at hand, such as the knee, and don’t consider previous orthopedic problems. Kelsey understands that the body is an integrated system and that a change in one area can affect another area. He understands the importance of the patient’s history in combination with their present problem for recovery. His approach offers a better outcome than with the compartmentalized approach that is more prevalent in the profession. Besides his unique approach to physical therapy, he has all the qualities a person would want in a health care professional. He is knowledgeable, organized, caring, patient and thorough. You will be in some of the best hands in this profession if you place your care in Kelsey Nakata.

Nancy Rund – Pacific Grove, CA
Retired Nurse Practitioner

I saw Kelsey Nakata, PT for some joint issues I was having. The care and professionalism he showed was equally matched by his friendly and positive attitude. Kelsey came into each physical therapy session prepared with additional suggestions and support. It was clear that he cared enough to do outside research regarding my unusual symptoms. It was also easy to build a great rapport with him, as we shared many common interests as lovers of the outdoors – particularly hiking, camping, and the ocean. I can not recommend Kelsey enough! 

Lauren Thomsen – MONTEREY, CA
Retired CPA

Thank you so much for all your patience and hardwork getting me back on my feet. I’ll admit that I was originally skeptical that PT could solve my problems, and was sure it was only going to delay the inevitable surgery. I’m so glad and thankful that you proved me wrong! Thank you again!

Sharon Tucker – Monterey, CA – Stafford, VA
Runner, Mother

“he considers not just the injured joint but the entire body — and mind”

As a committed endurance athlete I needed help a few years ago when my knee kept acting up. Thankfully I found Kelsey Nakata, who was practicing near my Los Angeles neighborhood.

His hands-on approach was excellent. But his ability to listen and integrate information gained from our conversations was what stood out to me. I’d call Kelsey’s approach holistic, in that he considers not just the injured joint but the entire body — and mind. Mechanics and exercises are one thing. Bringing in form, mindset, nutrition and long-term health goals as well, that’s another.

I’ve had to see many PTs (unfortunately). Kelsey is the most knowledgeable, kind and effective in his treatment.

Diederik van Hoogstraten – Manhattan Beach, CA
Writer | Fuelbreak Road Productions

After my shoulder reconstruction, I was told, without a complete shoulder replacement my arm would never withstand the punishment that comes with being a professional drummer.  Dr. Nakata believed differently.  He understood my goal; set forth a plan, and after four months I was back on the road performing.  Dr. Nakata is an extremely talented, compassionate and dedicated physical therapist.  My surgeon saved my shoulder, but Dr. Nakata saved my career! 

Dan Baker – Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA
Music Director & Percussionist | Baker Music Entertainment

Kelsey became my physical therapist after I had an injury to my back, caused by overtraining for triathlons, that left me thoroughly debilitated. He was kind and thoughtful and a consummate professional. Kelsey tweaked my therapies on a session-by-session basis after determining my current physical state at the start of each appointment. I made steady progress over a three-month period. He defined a regimen for me that he worked me up to over the course of our sessions and prepared me for taking the regimen on myself as part of my daily routine. It’s three years later and since that time I have participated in my first half IRONMAN and a half marathon and a myriad of smaller triathlons as well. And I have not had any additional back injuries. I would highly recommend Kelsey’s services to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Melissa Hirsch – Los Angeles, CA
Head of Product | Dun & Bradstreet

“the most impactful long-term self-improvement I have achieved”

I was a patient of Kelsey Nakata to alleviate my pain from a back condition called Scheuermann’s disease.  Kelsey provided a rigorous yet very simple to follow PT exercise program that not only reduced my pain but also increased my range of motion.  I was soon able to enjoy how I felt in my body and improve my performance in all activities I enjoy.

Kelsey was very detail oriented, dedicated to an evidence-based progress testing protocol and a great communicator.  I highly recommend his services as this was the most impactful long-term self-improvement I have achieved.

Joshua Witt – Santa Monica, CA
Executive Steward | UCLA Food and Beverage

I was a very active person at home and work, but ended up working in front of the computer hours on end during the Covid19 outbreak and started to have neck, shoulder, and back issues. I eventually came to Currents Physical Therapy and Wellness and began learning how to strengthen my weak muscles and relax my overworking muscles. Kelsey used ultrasound, myofascial release, and specific exercises designed to correct my unhealthy movement patterns. He also taught me unique breathing tools to help restore my body to a calm and composed state, therefore releasing muscle tension in my neck, back, and shoulders. Kelsey is a gifted physical therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He listens to his client’s needs and focuses on spending quality time to assess, adjust, and make highly individualized therapy plans. Not only am I seeing positive results, but I feel hopeful and motivated to become stronger, more stable, and flexible! What seemed like a vicious cycle of pain and limited recovery has now turned into enthusiasm and motivation for learning the lifelong skills to maintain optimum health and well-being for my mind and body!

sydney dacuyan – Seaside, CA
school teacher | robert down elementary school